The Other Night

The Other Night

from 2.85

Arranged by John Paul Hayward for SATB Choir and Orchestra

  • "The Other Night" SATB Choir Choral Score

  • Orchestration 0110 2000 hp. str.

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The other night I saw a sight.
A Star as bright as day
And e’er among
A Maiden sang:

By-bye, by-bye, by-bye, lu-lay.
By-bye, lu-lay.

Mine own dear Son,
Whence art Thou come?
Art Thou not God alway?
But n’er-the-less,
I will not cease;

To sing by-bye, by-bye, lu-lay.

The angels bright,
Round Me shall light.
And guard Me night and day
And in that sight
Thou may’st delight,

To sing by-bye, by-bye, lu-lay.

Within thine arms.
Thou’lt keep me warm,
And guard me night and day
And if I weep
And do not sleep,

Then sing by-bye, lu-lay, by-bye, lu-lay.
Then sing by-bye, lu-lay.

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