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My Daughter Draws a Bridge to the Next World

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Series: Christopher William Bradford
Format: SATB Choral Score
Accompaniment: Piano or Orchestra
Christopher Bradford
Text: Lance Larsen
Performance time - ca. 3:00

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Choral Score or Orchestration
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1 - Conductor Score (Full Score)

1 - Percussion Score
3 - Crystal Bowles
1 - Vibraphone
1 - Glock/Crotales

4 - Violin 1
4 - Violin 2
3 - Viola
2 - Violoncello
2 - Contrabass

Hurry, it's almost time to cross
Hurry, it's almost time to cross
Hurry, it's almost time to cross

A bridge not of pillars
but of crooked cats
This bank is pink,
the far bank neon blue

Curious birds braid, braid the air like hair
She's as tall as a train with me as caboose
What earths beyond have flared so bright, so brightly

Fish flash their praise then dive, deep under deep
Clouds dawdle past like sheet grazing on the sky

Hurry sing songs never been taught
her hand and lean into the wind
Hurry, hurry. hurry, cross.