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Series: Signature Christmas Series
Format: SATB Choral Score
 Piano or Orchestra
 Traditional Welsch Lullaby
 Barlow Bradford
Text: Traditional
Performance time - ca. 4:50

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Choral Score or Orchestration
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1 - Conductor Score (Full Score)

1 - Harp

4 - Violin 1
4 - Violin 2
3 - Viola
2 - Violoncello
2 - Contrabass

Sleep my baby in my bosom
Warm and cozy may you rest,
Mother’s arms are ‘round you tightly,
Mother’s love is in my breast.
Not a thing shall mar your resting,
Nor a person do you harm,
Be at rest, darling baby,
Sleep my baby, on your mam.

Sleep in peace tonight, my beauty
Sweetly sleep my work of art;
Why have you just started smiling,
Smiling gently in your heart?
Could it be some angels smiling
Down on you in smiling rest,
With you smiling back and sleeping
Slumb’ring sweetly on my breast?

Fret you not ‘tis but an oak leaf
Beating, beating at the door.
Fret you not, a lonely wavelet’s
Murm’ring murm’ring on the shore.
Sleep my child, Here there’s nothing
Nothing that can frighten you;
Smile in peace upon my bosom
On the distant angels true.